LEGO Type / Using a combination of flat LEGO tiles and some square baseplates I've created a fast modular printing base that allows me to explore form and letter shape. Before using it in my class, I spent some time exploring some of the possibilities.

Daily Letter / Each day I have created a lettering piece using a square and a quarter circle that fills a lego baseplate. I printed a series of posters highlighting the variety of type treatments available with the limited set of parts. The posters I've created are used to help inspire my students as they begin working on their own modular typefaces for a class project at Brigham Young University - Hawaii

Modular Typography Shapes HI | Easy E | Outline Slice and Dice | S A | BIG Physco | K Reach | B U | R on the press posters

Diversity / Expanding on the idea of a modular letterform, I explored the variety of letters I could create on a single baseplate using two layers. I added some additional base shapes and created a series of nine chromatic letters that spell DIVERSITY. These were featured as part of our faculty show Spring 2016 at BYU-H

ingredients E R S I T full set

Pecha Kucha / I presented this project at the Honolulu Pecha Kucha in June 2016 you can see the full presentation here. I've included a handful of the slides that I designed for the event.

brick link CMYK FontStruct lightbulb real limits M end Oahu pixels