Letterpress / A series of letterpress projects I've designed and printed. They were all printed using the Globe collection housed at MICA.

Quotes / A set of quotes printed as two seperate layers, a background blend of two colors and a layer of type printed using a third color. For these prints, the press was not cleaned off before adding the third color of ink. The blending and mixing of the various colors always created a unique mixture of color and texture for each print.

People Who Love to Eat Are Always the Best People The Detail Adventure Is Out There Run Wild My Child Run Wild Detail Love You More To Live Will be an an Awfully Big Adventure Big Detail Live In The Sunshine Swim the Sea Drink the Wild Air Sea Detail Letterpress Posters All

The Outdoors / The inspiration for this project was three or four tree cuts found in MICA’s Globe collection. A layer was printed, the cuts moved and repeated five or six times until it created a nice forest backdrop. Opaque white was set in two different phrases and printed on top.

Go Outside Sasquatch Sasquatch detail Both prints

Thank You Cards / A quick letterpress project. Printed some thank you cards using my typeface Mill. You can read more about The design and production of Mill here

stacks stacks stacks stacks stacks stacks stacks

Business Cards / The last letterpress project of the semester was a set of three simple business cards set and printed. The information was kept minimal to focus on texture and color.

stacks card 1 card 2 card 3 All three cards